Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gainsbourg (Vie héroïque)

Gainsbourg (Tarina legendasta) / Gainsbourg (Ett legendariskt liv) / Gainsbourg. FR/US (c) 2010 [six companies]. PC: One World Films etc. P: Marc Du Pontavice, Didier Lupfer. D+SC: Joann Sfar - based on his graphic novel (2009). DP: Guillaume Schiffman. PD: Christian Marti. COST: Pascaline Chavanne. M: Serge Gainsbourg. S: Jean Goudier. ED: Maryline Monthieux. CAST: Eric Elmosnino (Serge Gainsbourg), Lucy Gordon (Jane Birkin), Laetitia Casta (Brigitte Bardot), Doug Jones (La Gueule), Anna Mouglalis (Juliette Gréco), Mylène Jampanoi (Bambou), Sara Forestier (France Gall), Kacey Mottet Klein (Lucien Ginsburg), Razvan Vasilescu (Joseph Ginsburg), Dinara Drukarova (Olga Ginsburg), Philippe Katerine (Boris Vian), Deborah Grall (Elisabeth Levizky), Yolande Moreau (Fréhel), Ophélia Kolb (nude model), Claude Chabrol (Gainsbourg's music producer), Joann Sfar (Georges Brassens). 135 min. Released in Finland by FS Film with Finnish / Swedish subtitles by Outi Kainulainen / Saliven Gustavson, La Marseillaise lyrics in Finnish by Valter Juva. Helsinki Film Festival Opening Gala at Bio Rex, 16 Sep 2010

I'm not a Serge Gainsbourg or Joann Sfar connoisseur but I liked this film very much. The title "Vie héroïque" is ironic since Gainsbourg was a prominent anti-hero.

This unique biopic creates its own world perhaps inspired by the Bob Dylan -anti-biopic I'm Not There. by Todd Haynes. Gainsbourg the movie is not that radical, but it is interesting to learn that Charlotte Gainsbourg was contacted to portray her father.

Joann Sfar is a new wave comics artist, and Gainsbourg the movie is one of the very best works inspired by comics in the current wave started by Tim Burton's Batman films.

This is the whole life story of Gainsbourg starting during the Occupation. Like Joann Sfar's Le Chat du rabbin comics this story has also a significant Jewish aspect.

The film is well cast, and there is genuine respect in its disrespect. I believe Joann Sfar has managed to catch Gainsbourg's vitality, creativity, and his passion for life, of which his experiences as a ladies' man were superficial expressions. This is a sexy film. In Finland, the complete uncut version is being released.

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