Tuesday, March 06, 2012

International cinematheque programmes

Cinemateket (Oslo). Programkatalog nr. 86 september / oktober 2011, nr. 86 november/desember 2011, nr. 87 januar/februar 2012, nr. 88 mars/april 2012. The Norsk Filminstitutt (NFI) screenings take place at Cinemateket, Filmens Hus, Dronningens gate 16, in three cinemas: Tancred, Lillebil, and Barnas Filmrom. The cinemas are well equipped from 70 mm till 4K D-Cinema. Autumn themes included Satyajit Ray, "Vice versa: Argentinian Cinema", Carl Th. Dreyer, Terrence Malick, Koji Yamamura, "The Dream That Kicks presents Three Programmes from Anthology Film Archives, New York, "Skeive filmer [queer movies]", and "Kysset fra sør [The Kiss from the South]". --- In the end of last year NFI presented Todd Haynes, Pina Bausch, new Polish cinema, "When the Living Dead Awaken", "Queer Sunday", Tennessee Williams Centenary, the Centenary of Norwegian Fiction Film, Film pioneer Edith Carlmar, OIFF 21. Oslo International Film Festival, The Dream That Kicks: new experimental cinema, The Martyr Role in Lars von Trier's Dancer in the Dark. --- This year has started with topics like "Apocalypse Soon!", "The Experimental Film Laboratory: Movies from the Art Theatre Guild of Japan", Olivier Assayas in the presence of the maestro, Nicolas Winding Refn, live cinema event Verdens undergang with Kjetil Schjander-Larsen on the piano, The Dream That Kicks: experimental films, Oslo Palestina Film Festival, and Tokyo shitamachi/yamanote. --- In March-April the NFI is screning Michelangelo Antonioni, Lynne Ramsay, Mary Harron, Eurodok, Hip hop in the cinema, Oslo Screen Festival, Arabic Film Days, and Titanic centenary. --- Permanent features include: The film of the month (I'm Still Here, Dr. Strangelove, Dancing Dreams, El Bulli, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, The Future), The Classic of the Month (since 2012: Taxi Driver, The Last Waltz), Rock Noir, Thursday movies (every Thursday the same movie is screened in the seven cinematheque cities of Norway), Cinematek Ung (for kids), Silent Sunday, and Cinematekets Teaser (a free movie preceding a coming retrospective).

Filmmuseum (Vienna): Filmmuseum März / April 2012. The main theme at Vienna's Filmmuseum is Tauwetter = The Thaw, the remarkable but frustrated period of liberation in the Soviet Union in 1957-1967. Olaf Möller's programme notes are among the best writing I have read about the cinematic thaw. Paul Cronin is the special guest with the Alexander Mackendrick retrospective.
The Filmmuseum premiere presentation is Die Herde des Herrn by Romuald Karmakar. Two books are celebrated: Klaus Kreimeier's Traum und Exzess [Dream and Excess, on early cinema], and Screen Dynamics - Mapping the Borders of Cinema edited by Gertrud Koch, Volker Pantenburg, and Simon Rothähler. Ongoing features are Peter Kubelkas "Was ist Film" (Programm 59-63) and "Die Utopie Film" (Kapitel 62: Killing).

Filmmuseum (Munich): Filmmuseum München 2012, Heft 22: 26 Feb - 29 July, 2012. It's an abundant programme with New German Cinema (50th anniversary of the Oberhausen Manifesto), The Red Dream Factory (the magnificent Mezhrabpom / Prometheus retrospective that was seen in the Berlinale), Jiri Trnka centenary, Nazi Propaganda Movies (screenings with special introductions of restricted movies), Romany Voices (with a Tony Gatlif retrospective), Dieter Wieland (documentary film maker introduced by Rainer Gansera), Hong Sangsoo, Rudolf Thome, Film and Psychoanalysis, Rainer Werner Fassbinder's Munich, The Titanic centenary, Architecture and Cinema: "Architecture, Reflection, Transparency", Italian Neorealism revisited, The Group of Cologne, Lars von Trier, Dreaming in Cinema, and Marilyn Monroe.

La Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg, Mars 2012. Discovery Zone: Luxembourg City Film Festival has a central place. - The Artist Reloaded presents original movies which were models of the award winning film. - The Martin Scorsese retrospective continues. - Continuing features include: Tous les genres du cinéma en 10 leçons (the 6th lesson: the adventure movie), Kino mat Häerz (this month's selection Helmut Käutner's Monpti), Exploitation Cinema, Cinema Paradiso (for kids).

Harvard Film Archive: January, February, March 2012. Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts (24 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA). - Top programming, top reading and top appearances in Harvard's new programme with The Complete Robert Bresson, Claire Denis (in person) with White Material, Lynne Ramsay (in person) and the Senses of Cinema, David Gatten's Secret Histories (appearing in person), Park Kwang-su (in person) and the Origins of the Korean New Wave, The Discreet Charm of Whit Stillman (appearing in person), The Melancholy Worlds of Béla Tarr; "Sing, Memory: Terence Davies' Postwar England (appearing in person)"; "Inutile: The Films of Carmelo Bene", Dreileben, Robert Fenz (in person) with A Diptych, Rabah Ameur-Zaïmeche (in person), Ernie Gehr (in person), and Claude Lanzmann (in person) presenting Le Rapport Karski

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