Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kybernetická babička / Cybernetic Grandmama

[Kybermummo]. CZ © 1962 Kratky film Praha. EX: J. Možíš. D+design: Jiří Trnka. AN (moving of the dolls): Stanislav Látal, Vlasta Pospíšilová, Jan Adam, Zdeněk Šob. DP: Jiří Šafář. M: Jan Novák. Narrator: Otylie Beníšková. ED: Hana Valachová. 29 min. Print from Národní filmový archiv (Prague), electronic subtitles in Finnish by Tomas Lehecka. Viewed at Cinema Orion, Helsinki (Jiří Trnka), 28 Oct 2012.

A modernistic parody of the computer world with a story vaguely resembling The Emperor's Nightingale - both being about the real thing and the mechanical substitute.

In the world of the future the little girl is walking together with her grandmother. They cross a dangerous bridge and enter an airplane hangar. The mother is in the galaxy, light years away. The cybernetic grandmother is a computer whose mouth is computer graphics, whose singing is electronic music, who urges the girl to health via play, who is uncannily adroit with ball games and skip rope and whose fairy-tale about three wooden eggs, Brok, Flop and Chlup is seen in limited animation.

There was a cordial laughter in the audience at the cyber comedy. In this movie Jiří Trnka also plays with psychedelia and avantgarde. The electronic music score by Jan Novák is inspired.

The print looks used but has good colour.

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