Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sampled: Le Havre in 35 mm

Le Havre (2011), Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 15 Oct 2013.

I sampled the first 20 minutes of Le Havre in 35 mm. Shot and edited on 35 mm, Le Havre went to general release in digital, and it has been almost impossible to see it in 35 mm. The Sodankylä screening was in 35 mm, but there was something wrong in the projection. I then was about to visit the gala preview, but there it turned out that the screening was in 2K DCP.

In our screening I finally got to see how Le Havre is supposed to look like. The print is fine, and there is a vibrant photochemical sense of light. This I had guessed, now I know.

Le Havre is now more topical than two years ago, after the Mediterranean tragedies in Lampedusa and elsewhere. Similar tragedies have been already startlingly covered by Emanuele Crialese in his films such as Terraferma.

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