Thursday, October 09, 2014

Honouring Peter von Bagh in Pordenone: Muisteja / Remembrance

David Robinson arranged a closed dvd screening at a conference room at the fourth floor of Hotel Moderno honouring Peter von Bagh. Of Muisteja / Remembrance (2013) I blogged last year in its first preview screening in Oulu.

When a person dies, photographs of him change. They look different. You notice a hidden sadness you had never paid attention to before.

Muisteja did look and sound so different that I had the feeling that I might have seen last April a pre-release cut that had since been changed. The producer Jouko Aaltonen assured me that there has only been this single version.

I did not now notice a new sadness in Muisteja, though. It was elegic for me in the first place, but now I rather sensed Peter's sense of humour more profoundly. His view of life in his films was evolving into something more gentle while he never lost the bite of his wit.

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