Friday, May 04, 2018

Lowell Thomas' Movietone Adventures: Along the Rainbow Trail (The Nitrate Picture Show)

20th Century Fox, US 1946
Print source: Academy Film Archive, Los Angeles
Running time: 9 minutes
Viewed at the Nitrate Picture Show (NPS), George Eastman Museum, Rochester, 4 May 2018

NPS: "About the print: The film’s brilliant Technicolor hues remain astounding, though the print shows some scratching from projection. Shrinkage: 0.7%"

"About the film: Narrated by the popular writer, broadcaster, and traveler Lowell Thomas, this Movietone News short chronicles a trip down the rapids of the San Juan River ending with a view of the Rainbow Bridge." (NPS)

AA: A film about the making the film about the adventure in the San Juan River rapids. Such scenes are familiar in Finnish cinema. Some of the rapids are very dangerous. There is hot food at breakfast. Growing a beard spells bad luck. "How tiny we are". A stentorian narrator in this film as well.

Glorious Technicolor.

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