Saturday, March 26, 2022

We Make Movies Better (AMC campaign commercial starring Nicole Kidman)

We Make Movies Better (US 2021): Nicole Kidman starring in the AMC campaign commercial promoting the cinema experience.

" We come to this place for magic,

that indescribable feeling we get

when the lights begin to dim.

Dazzling images on the huge silver screen :

somehow, heartbreak feels good in a place like this,

and stories feel perfect and powerful,

because here, they are.

We make movies better. "

For months in every screening at the Finnkino Strand Lappeenranta I have seen the Finnkino edition of the 2021 AMC Theatres campaign commercial starring Nicole Kidman. This is reportedly the biggest advertising campaign any theatre has ever made.

Checking the commercial online I discovered that there are various versions: the AMC original, the Odeon version, etc. I find the Finnkino version the best of the ones I have seen. I have actually come to look forward to it, and I never get tired, even on a five film weekend binge at the Strand.

Nicole Kidman may have been made to look a bit like digital animation, but her Australian accent is irresistible.

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