Sunday, January 27, 2008

VALOHOITOA - IN THIS LIGHT: NEW FINNISH LAMP DESIGN (exhibition at Design Forum Finland)

Design Forum Finland 25 Jan - 17 Feb 2008, Helsinki, visited 27 Jan 2008. Pisara standard lamp by Petri Vainio /Doctor Design (2007), Innosol Origo standard and desk lamp by Eero Aarnio / Innojok (2007), H+ collection of lamps by Heikki Ruoho / Moire Japan (2006), Foxfire standard and desk lamp by Jukka Korpihete (2007), DNA wall lamp by Carola Lindh-Hormia / FLUX (2005), Double Bubble by Eero Aarnio / Melaja (2003), Overpass wall lamp by Anu Penttinen / Nounou Design (2007), Helsinki Lighthouse ceiling light by Timo Salli / Saas Instruments (2006), Medusa ceiling light by Mikko Paakkanen / Saas Instruments, 34OY desk lamp by Yrjö Kukkapuro & Henrik Enbom / Saas (2007), Atto ceiling light by Seppo Koho /Secto Design (2007), Tre standard lamp by Elina Järvinen / Selki-Asema (2007), Jako standard lamp by Mikko Laakkonen / Selki-Asema (2006), and Plink ceiling light by Jari-Petri Voutilainen /Selki-Asema (2006). Exhibition producer: Laila Alanen. Particular emphasis on sources of light making use of state-of-the-art technology and the latest materials. Ecologically minded consumers will choose light sources that can reduce energy consumption. LED lighting design presented by Sami Suihkonen, working for OptoGaN, producing LED wafers and chips. - Innovative, stylish, simple and energy-saving solutions, including the moving Medusa, Kukkapuro's new transparent lamp, fine woodwork in Atto, fun form in Double Bubble, and dawn/dusk design in Foxfire.

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