Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Adventures of Woody Woodpecker 4

Pistol Packin' Woodpecker (1960), D: Paul J. Smith
Southern Fried Hospitality (1960), D: Jack Hannah
The Bird Who Came to Dinner (1961), D: Paul J. Smith
Franken-Stymied (1961), D: Jack Hannah
Poop Deck Pirate (1961), D: Jack Hannah
Sufferin' Cats (1961), D: Paul J. Smith
Woody's Kook-Out (1961), D: Jack Hannah
Home Sweet Home Wrecker (1962), D: Paul J. Smith
Rock-a Bye Gator (1962), D: Jack Hannah
Room and Bored (1962), D: Paul J. Smith
(c) Universal, PC: Walter Lantz Productions, P: Walter Lantz.
Vintage prints, perfect Technicolor, 1,2:1, viewed at Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 25 Dec 2008.
No sign of tiredness in the continuing Woody Woodpecker saga. My favourite of these was Franken-Stymied. Seen in programmes like these the repetitiveness of the mutual destruction formula becomes grating.

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