Wednesday, December 10, 2008

MP - minä pelkään

MP - jag är rädd / [MP - I Live in Fear]. FI 1982. PC: Lähikuva Oy. D+SC: Pekka Hyytiäinen. DP: Petteri Kotilainen - shot on 16mm - colour and b&w - released on 35mm - the director's last will: the 16mm print is definitive. CAST: Liisa Halonen (mother), Pekka Valkeejärvi (father), Heta Hyytiäinen (Mari, their young daughter), Matti Kanerva (soldier). 83 min. A 16mm print viewed at Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 10 Dec 2008. - Pekka Hyytiäinen in memoriam (he died in January 2008). He directed three totally original feature films, of which this is the last. - This film got only 302 spectators during its term of release, so we, though not many, were a significant part of the total audience of the film which has never been transmitted on tv or released on home formats. - The print has a soft quality and the colour looks faded, but this seems to have been the case already at the release. - It begins and ends without image, with a male voice. - It's a poet's vision of the fear of war. A family retreats at their country house, incessant sounds of military exercises are heard day and night. - Nightmares and visions of warfare are intercut with the story of the family's stay. - There is a lone soldier in the wood nearby, and he makes an attempt to rape the mother, interrupted, as he cannot sustain erection. - Cinematic stream of consciousness. - There is some affinity with Ingmar Bergman's Skammen. - The film would deserve to be much wider known, with friends of experimental film, to begin with. It is marred by its substandard technical and visual quality (in a Jack Smith kind of way).

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