Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Bio Rex, 20 Jan 2009

The opening gala of the magnificent DocPoint festival, 20-25 Jan 2009.

Rock the Pole: a dance troupe presented a wonderful acrobatic performance around a pole erected in front of the screen. During the official speeches they watched First Blood on a monitor, Rambo wreaking havoc on the police station.

Nyt ja nyt - kuvia Helsingistä ennen ja nyt / Now and Now - Images from Helsinki Before and Now. FI 2008. D: Pekka Uotila. 8 min. Video. A montage of vintage silent Helsinki footage and new footage shot with five vintage hand-cranked cameras. The new footage looks much clumsier. And the point is lost, as it's a video. - Beautiful live music by a string quartet (four young and lovely ladies).

Opening speeches:
- Jari Matala, Executive Director
- Erkko Lyytinen, Artistic Director

The Apollo Prize was given by Mr. Erkki Astala (YLE, Finnish Broadcasting Corporation) to
the Epidem company, dedicated to quality documentary films since 40 years.
- Jaana Wahlforss gave a long, exciting speech
- Kai Salminen gave a shorter speech

The feature film, see Kansakunnan olohuone / The Living Room of the Nation

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