Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Cœurs / Private Fears in Public Places

Cuori. FR/IT © 2006 Soudaine Compagnie / StudioCanal / France2Cinéma / SFP Cinéma / BIM Distribuzione. EX: Julie Salvador. P: Bruno Pesery. D: Alain Resnais. Arranged and dialogue by: Jean-Michel Ribes – based on the play Private Fears in Public Places (2004) by Alan Ayckbourn. DP: Éric Gautier - Panavision 2,35:1. PD: Jacques Saulnier, Jean-Michel Ducourty, Solange Zeltoun. Visual Effects: Éclair VFX. Costumes: Jackie Budin. Make-up: Delphine Jaffart. Hair: José Luis Casas. M: Mark Snow. "Ces chansons qui ont changé ma vie": directed by Bruno Podalydès. S: Thomas Desjonquères. ED: Hervé de Luze. Cast: Sabine Azéma (Charlotte), Isabelle Carré (Gaëlle), Laura Morante (Nicole), Pierre Arditi (Lionel), André Dussollier (Thierry), Lambert Wilson (Dan), Claude Rich (Arthur). "Ces chansons qui ont changé ma vie": Françoise Gillard (hostess). 126 min. A print with English subtitles viewed at Cinema Orion, Helsinki (Tribute to Alain Resnais), 2 March 2011

Another sample of Alain Resnais' vitality and youthfulness despite his senior age. There is a sense of play in this multi-story film with six main characters played by familiar Resnais actors and a couple of unfamiliar ones. It is based on a structure resembling tv series with short vignettes following the various characters, whose fates start to intertwine. I like the sense of humour in this film. I was able to see just the first 30 minutes, but at first viewing Cœurs feels more engaging than Smoking / Non Smoking, La Vie est un roman, and some other play-films by Resnais. The print was immaculate, but there was a feeling of a digital intermediate of 2K or less, no harm in close-ups though.

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