Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Dokumentin ytimessä 56: Rikkaat ja köyhät / [In the Core of the Documentary 56: To Have and Have Not] (compilation programme)

I dokumentärens kärna 56: Att ha och inte ha. Compiled by Ilkka Kippola and Jari Sedergren, digibeta (the first five) and 35 mm (the last two), viewed at Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 2 March 2011

Talissa pelataan golfia / [They Play Golf at Tali]. FI 1935. Suomi-Filmi. Uno Pihlström. 7 min. The earliest Finnish golf movie.

Lahjakengissä koulutielle / [In Gift Shoes to School]. FI 1950. D: Aimo Jäderholm. M: Dvorak: Humoresque. Commentary: Carl-Erik Creutz. Featuring Oskari Tokoi. Mother: Saara Ranin. 9 min. The poor Ryysyranta family in Kainuu has only one common pair of shoes. American Finns come to the rescue.

Mies ja hänen maailmansa – Antti Wihurin tarina / [The Man and His World - the Story of Antti Wihuri]. FI 1958. D: Veikko Laihanen. Colour. SC: Juha Nevalainen. Commentary: Carl-Erik Creutz. [535 m / 24 min] 11 min? The story begins in Alastalo, famous for Volter Kilpi's Joycean stream-of-consciousness novel Alastalon salissa [Alastalo Hall], Antti Wihuri is trained as a sailor, but he becomes an industrial tycoon and a patron of culture.

KOP – Matti Virkkunen 31.7.1975. FI 1975. Felix-Filmi. Colour. 11 min. The last day at the office of the great bank executive, also known as "Uncle Scrooge", who was also Urho Kekkonen's contender for President in 1968. Veikko Makkonen is his successor.

Näkökulma: Ihanteellinen realisti Martti Ahtisaari / [Viewpoint: Martti Ahtisaari, Realist with Ideals]. Tv documentary. FI 1994. D: Riikka Takala. Shot on video. Colour. Interviewer: Elisabeth Marschan. 20 min. Focus on Ahtisaari's greatest mission before his 1994-2000 Presidency - as UN Commissioner for Namibia in its independence process in 1989.

The last two films are memorable for letting us hear the voice of the forgotten people.

13 päivää elämästä / [13 Days of Life] / Dreizehn Tage aus dem Leben. FI 1978. D+DP+ED: Heikki Partanen, Hannu Eerikäinen. B&w. M: Rachmaninov: Prelude op. 23, Gounod: the Faust waltz. 16 mm blowup to 35 mm. 31 min. Deutsche Untertitel. Frank, candid interviews with young unemployed men (and a couple of women) mostly from Eastern Finland in the winter 1977-1978.

Ajatusrikolliset / Thought Criminals. FI 1989. D: Kaisa Rastimo. DP: Jouko Seppälä - 16 mm - blowup to 35 mm. Also incorporating 8 mm footage. Featuring: Timo Kokkonen, Tapio Nevakoski. 26 min. Timo and Tapio are marginalized young men, one of them diagnozed with what was then called MBD, now known as ADHD. They are thought criminals who oppose commercial Christmas and animal testing; ten years ago they have destroyed a house establishing a criminal record.

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