Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Laila – tunturien tyttö. NO 1929. PC: Lunde-Film. P: Helge Lunde. D: George Schnéevoigt - based on the novel by Jens Andreas Friis (1881). DP: Valdemar Christenssen, Allan Lynge. CAST: Mona Mårtenson (Laila), Tryggve Larssen (Jåmpa), Harald Schwenzen (Anders), Peter Malberg (Aslak Laagje), Cally Monrad (Aslak's wife), Henry Gleditsch (Mallet), Finn Bernhoft (merchant C. O. Lind), Lilly Larson-Lund (merchant's wife), Ibe Brekke (Magga, merchant's maid), Aslag Aslagsen Sara (servant boy), Rasmus Christiansen (C.O. Lind's brother), Alice O'Fredericks (Inger), Mattis Morotaja (Melet as a little boy). The restored version from Norsk Filminstitutt (2006) 4584 m / 165 min viewed from a screener dvd in Helsinki, 2 March 2011

A magnificent Northerner, a first-rate silent that ranks with the Stiller-Sjöström outdoor dramas, full of the splendour of the nature of Lapland. Saved from the snow by a Laplander family Laila is the daughter of a merchant family. George Schnéevoigt, the cinematographer of Carl Th. Dreyer, not to be mixed with the conductor Georg Schnéevoigt, excels in the visuals and in the sense of drama and suspense through the long story. The chase sequences are well executed, there is a thrilling rapid-shooting sequence (Laila's life in danger), and there is also a sensitive touch in the close-ups. The love story gets complicated, and Laila also belongs to the films with an interrupted wedding.

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