Friday, November 18, 2011

Hiljaa toivotut / Silent Longing

Stilla längtan. FI 2011. PC: Vaski Filmi. P: Janne Niskala. D+SC: Timo Haanpää. DP: Timo Haanpää, Hannu-Pekka Vitikainen. M: Tapani Rinne. S: Lauri Leskinen, Kimmo Vänttinen. ED: Tuuli Kuittinen. Loc: Helsinki and Tampere. Cast: Heli & Toni, and Matti & Marjaana. 75 min. Released by Suomen Elokuvakontakti with Swedish subtitles by Kajsa Wikström. 2K DCP viewed at Kinopalatsi 6, Helsinki, 18 Nov 2011 (day of Helsinki premiere; the Finnish premiere was in Oulu 11 Nov 2011).

A documentary film on two couples' fertility treatment.

Based on the film's official synopsis: True stories about the joy and the sorrow of trying to become a parent. The film tells about two childless couples, who use fertility treatments to help them get a biological child of their own.

The film is an account of the emotional journeys of two couples through endless hospital visits where their life is divided between home and clinic. Uncertainty about the future and fertility treatments are challenging for relationships. Childlessness forces the characters to make difficult decisions and think about their lives, its meaningfulness and future - with or without a child. The idea of one's own child turns into a silent longing.

Silent Longing tells how much involuntary childlessness can hurt. The protagonists of the film are not alone. Childlessness is common nowadays. In Finland every fifth couple remains involuntarily childless, and the proportion of the involuntarily childless is increasing (based on the film's synopsis).

A straightforward, honest and intimate account of two couple's struggles to get a child. The struggles are difficult and heartbreaking, but there is a happy end for both. The movie is almost artless, a basic newsreel camera record. The approach is factual, medical, practical, and educational, but not cold, indifferent or distancing. The movie is warmly confidential and startlingly candid in extremely private situations where most would never consider camera presence. I keep being amazed at this current age of candid documentary cinema. There is often a low definition video look, but visual quality is hardly the point in this matter-of-fact movie.

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