Saturday, November 19, 2011

My favourite seat

David Bordwell writes in his and Kristin Thompson's blog about his favourite seat: the middle seat in the very first row. In Finland those seats were called "shell collecting seats" because kids who went to see Westerns used to sit "where the shells flew".

I don't have a consistent answer to the question of my favourite seat. When I visit Finnkino cinemas in Helsinki the ticket seller always asks me to select from among the green dots on a computer screen, and I always authorize the ticket seller to dictate because all Finnkino seats are good. Sometimes I get a first-row seat when the screening is going to be sold out. Sometimes I get to sit in the back, from where I can witness the epic of the audience participating in a hit film. Having already seen the 15 minutes of commercials and previews too often I sometimes arrive later than most, and then it is a good idea to have a side seat by the entrance in order not to bother others. But on the other hand I am also always the last patron to stay to the very end of the end credits, and it is a good idea to be in the middle of the row in new hit movies.

Everything is different at Cinema Orion where I do have a favourite seat, one from where it is easiest to jump away to react if there is something wrong in the screening. It would distract me if I would have to sit elsewhere.

At festivals I would have favourite seats, but the same seats are highly desired by others, and life has been easier since I gave up on them and decided I can sit anywhere.

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