Saturday, July 05, 2014

Bloggers on Il Cinema Ritrovato, 2014 and other links

Last updated: 7 October 2014

Il Cinema Ritrovato: official homepage

Cinefilia Ritrovata: another official site with dozens of posts - still getting updated 14 July 2014 with new links, videos, and photographs

Cineteca Bologna: official facebook page with a lot of images

Neil McGlone 

David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson: three blog articles
- David Bordwell on one sample day, Monday, 30 June
- Kristin Thompson on Polish scope films and India's endangered classics
- Final remarks by David and Kristin, David covering early Shochiku talkies

David Hudson

Tom Paulus, two entries on William A. Wellman

Anke Brouwers

Bart Versteirt

Lukas Foerster

David Acacia, International Cinephile Society, on Yasujiro Ozu: The Only Son
--- and on Bimal Roy: Two Acres of Land

Marc van de Klashorst, International Cinephile Society, 7 July 2014, on Wellman

Clarence Tsui on Sperduti nel buio and Sosialismi

David Cairns: Shadowplay

David Cairns: MUBI Notebook

Ivo Blom

Scott Foundas in Variety

Jonathan Rosenbaum on the 2014 dvd awards

Stephen Ujlaki in Huffington Post, also in LMU/LA School of Film and Television Loglines

David Filipi in Film Comment

Maggie Hennefeld in Slant Magazine / The House Next Door

Harvard Film Archive on Oidhche sheanchais

Lynn Barlow: "Cinema, Italian Style" at Watershed / BFI Film Audience Network / Film Hub South West & West Midlands

Moving Image Archive News: "Robert Flaherty's Irish Talkie Restored" + general comments

The Hindu: "Indian cinema in Italy", 26 June 2014

Ellie Schlosser quoted in Jeff Heimbuch's blog, 30 July 2014, many photos

James Steffen, 29 July 2014 (same text, 2 Aug 2014)

Ellie Schlosser: her original blog article, richly illustrated, 28 July 2014

UCL / Department of Greek and Latin / Cinema / A Hundred Years Ago: The Irresistible Attraction of Antiquity / Workshop, 8 July 2014

Europa Cinemas Audience Development Innovation Lab

Sara Mantovani, Variety, 14 July 2014

Moen Mohamed in Toronto Film Review, 4 August 2014

James Bell: Time Regained, Sight & Sound (September 2014), beyond a paywall, pages 18-19

Further William A. Wellman reading: an e-book online:
David Phelps & Gina Telaroli: William A. Wellman. A Dossier. La Furia Umana, October 2012.

Peter Hourigan in Senses of Cinema

For many of these links thanks to David Hudson!


Jackie Clark Mancuso said...

Another here, on Huffington Post, from LMU School of Film & Television Dean Stephen Ujlaki, about why Cinema Ritrovata matters,

Antti Alanen said...

Thank you Paris-Chien, I updated the list with this interesting link!