Sunday, October 02, 2016

Animacja. Czołówka Kroniki Filmowej

ANIMACJA. CZOŁÓWKA KRONIKI FILMOWEJ [Animazione. Credits per il cinegiornale Kronika. / Animation. Kronika Filmowa Newsreel Credits] (PL 1929). D: Ryszard Biske? PC: Kronika Filmowa. DCP, 9"; titles: POL. Source: Filmoteka Narodowa, Warszawa.
    "Animated credits for the Kronika Filmowa (Polish Film Chronicle) newsreel, by an unknown artist. Between 1927 and 1932 their newsreels were made and distributed by Ryszard Biske. This very brief animated sequence shows a director with a megaphone and a cameraman in silhouette filming a revolving set." – Katarzyna Koła-Bielawska.
    Le Giornate del Cinema Muto: Polonia.
    Teatro Verdi, Pordenone, grand piano: Günter Buchwald, 2 Oct 2016.

AA: A nice animated silhouette glimpse.

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