Saturday, October 01, 2016

Ludzie bez jutra / [People with No Tomorrow] (2013 restoration in 4K by Filmoteka Narodowa)

Ludzie bez jutra (PL 1919). In the middle: Halina Bruczówna as Lola Wirska, the actress, the fatal woman. Photo: Filmoteca Narodowa, Warszawa. Please click to enlarge!

Ludzie bez jutra (PL 1919). Lola Wirska (Halina Bruczówna) has ruined the life of Alfred Runicz (Józef Węgrzyn), among others. "The game is over". Photo: Filmoteca Narodowa, Warszawa. Please click to enlarge.
PL 1919. PC: Sfinks. P+D: Aleksander Hertz.
    DCP with Polish intertitles and English subtitles from: Filmoteka Narodowa, Warszawa. If I understand correctly there is a soundtrack of the original music on the DCP. Transferred at 18 fps / 84 min
    Screened at Le Giornate del Cinema Muto, Pordenone, with e-subtitles in Italian by Sub-Ti, grand piano: John Sweeney, 1 Oct 2016

A straggler lost in the transition of historical epochs, People with No Tomorrow harks back to the styles of Danish, Italian, and Russian melodramas of the pre-war period. It is professionally made, but there is a sense of being lost in time. The theatrical emphasis is prominent, and there is an affinity with Divismo in the story of the heartless and amoral Lola Wirska (Halina Bruczówna) who crushes men's lives just like that.

The visual approach is largely based on long shots and long takes.

A beautiful visual quality on the DCP.

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