Tuesday, November 25, 2008


NFM (Amsterdam) prints with e-subtitles in Finnish by Lena Talvio, at Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 25 Nov 2008.
La souriante Madame Beudet / Hymyilevä rouva Beudet. FR 1923. D: Germaine Dulac. SC: André Obey based on his play. Cast: Germaine Dermoz (Madame Beudet), Arquillière (Monsieur Beudet). A print originating from La Cinémathèque Suisse, the Swiss edition with French / German intertitles. 773 m /18 fps/ 38 min
L'Invitation au voyage / Matkaankutsu. FR 1927. P+D+SC: Germaine Dulac - inspired by the poem by Baudelaire (1861). With: Emma Gynt (Woman), Raymond Dubreuil (Naval Officer). 797 m /18 fps/ 39 min
La Coquille et le clergyman / Pappi ja näkinkenkä. FR 1928. P+D: Germaine Dulac. SC: Antoine Artaud. With: Alexander Allin (the clergyman), Genica Athanasiou (the girl), Lucien Bataille (officer). The 2004 restoration. 816 m /18 fps/ 40 min
Seminal experimental films revisited. The best existing prints, L'Invitation au voyage especially fine with colour, and La Coquille et le clergyman the definitive restoration. - See my Dulac comments in my Bologna notes, Il Cinema Ritrovato 2006, 1 July 2006.

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