Friday, December 03, 2010

Pentti Hauhiala Collection: Walt Disney Collecting as a Passion (exhibition)

The National Library of Finland, The Rotunda, 21 Oct - 31 Dec 2010. Curated by Heikki Kaukoranta. Viewed on 3 Dec 2010.

Official introduction: "Selections from Pentti Hauhiala’s Walt Disney collection, considered one of Europe’s largest Disney collections, that has been donated to the National Library of Finland. The materials include Disney-themed literature, magazines, other printed products, audiovisual materials, as well as objects."

Pentti Hauhiala has been dedicated since childhood to Walt Disney, and the exhibition in this prominent address is a tribute to his magnificent collection and the many aspects of the world of Walt Disney. Most importantly, Pentti Hauhiala is himself a wonderful man with an insight in the spirit of Walt Disney.

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