Monday, January 31, 2011


[not released in Finland]. FR 1983. D: Georges Rouquier. 90 min. - Bonus: - La bande annonce. - Le Maréchal ferrant (The Farrier, 1976), D: Georges Rouquier, 23 min. - Dvd © 2001 Les Documents Cinématographiques, with English and Spanish subtitles, viewed at home in Helsinki, 31 Jan 2011

Dvd cover presentation: "In Biquefarre Georges Rouquier returns to Goutrens (Aveyron) to continue the story of his Farrebique farming family. The setting has changed and the new generation is confronted by new challenges in a continuously evolving rural environment."

Revisited the colour sequel to the 1946 black and white documentary classic. It is a documentary about the shock of change. Watching these back to back it is amazing to reflect that everything has changed so completely in such a short time. After centuries of tradition, there is constant and rapid change. - I saw for the first time Le Maréchal ferrant, a fine documentary on the profession of the farrier, the blacksmith who provides the horse with its shoes.

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