Monday, January 31, 2011


Farrebique ou Les quatre saisons / Farrebique - talvesta syksyyn / Ilman johtolankaa / Och markerna sjunga. FR 1946. D: Georges Rouquier. 90 min. - Bonus: Le Tonnelier (The Cooper, 1942), D: Georges Rouquier, 23 min. - Dvd © 2001 Les Documents Cinématographiques. English and Spanish subtitles. Dvd viewed at home in Helsinki, 31 Jan 2011

Dvd cover presentation: "Georges Rouquier has featured a French farming family - his own - at the Farrebique farm in Goutrens, in the Aveyron region, for one year, from 1944 till 1945. A universally acclaimed masterpiece". - Revisited the documentary masterpiece whose value keeps growing. The processes of agriculture on display here are somewhat familiar even to me from my childhood summer holiday observations at the countryside. But they have belonged to history for a long time already in this age of power farming. - I had never seen before Rouquier's Le Tonnelier, a fine documentary on wine barrel makers (coopers).

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