Monday, January 31, 2011

Pas besoin d'argent

Don't Need Money / [not released in Finland]. FR 1933. D: Jean Paul Paulin. DP: Léonce-Henri Burel. M: Gabaroche. Cast: Gabaroche, Claude Dauphin, Lisette Lanvin, Jeanne Lion. 90 min. - Bonus: - La bande annonce. - Jean-Paul Paulin: Les débuts 1931-34, 16 min. - Jean-Paul Paulin: La suite 1937-1954, 20 min. - Dvd © 2007 Les Documents Cinématographiques with English subtitles viewed at home in Helsinki, 31 Jan 2011

Dvd cover info: "A year after the German version, Carl Boese's Man braucht kein Geld (1932), Pas besoin d'argent mocks the middle classes of a small provincial town affected by the economic slump, and gives free rein to all kinds of trickery and swindling. In Saint-Berneville, nothing is as it seems. The rich uncle from America arrives without a penny to his name. But what does that matter? Everyone believes he is a millionaire. The black gold which eventualy gushes forth from the soil of the Lower Loiret is useless: confidence prevails and the town prospers. The important thing is to have faith in it. With his third feature film, Paulin (L'Esclave blanc, La Femme nue) has created a satirical comedy, focusing the cameras on the France of 1933 in a work carried along by Claude Dauphin with his ubiquitous cynicism and by his victim Gaston Gabaroche, who also composed the original soundtrack".

Fast-forwarded a film that looks like a solid, professional piece of entertainment, finely photographed by Burel, and expertly restored by the AFF / CNC.

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