Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dr. Seuss' The Lorax (2012) 3D

Lorax / Lorax. US © 2012 Universal Studios. PC: Illumination Entertainment. EX: Audrey Geisel. P: Chris Meledandri, Janet Healy. D: Chris Renaud. Co-D: Kyle Balda. SC: Ken Daurio, Cinco Paul - based on The Lorax (1971) by Dr. Seuss. AN: Illumination Mac Guff (France). M: John Powell. ED: Claire Dodgson, Steven Liu, Ken Schretzmann. Voice C: Zac Efron / Samuel Harjanne (Ted Wiggins), Taylor Swift / Pamela Tola (Audrey), Danny DeVito / Mikko Kivinen (The Lorax), Ed Helms / youth: Antti L.J. Pääkkönen, old man: Seppo Pääkkönen (the Once-ler / Kerskanen), Rob Riggle / Jarmo Mäkinen (Aloysius O'Hare / [in Finland:] O'Hari, the mayor of Thneed-Ville), Betty White / Anja Pohjola-Sirén (Grammy Norma, Ted's grandmother), Jenny Slate / Krista Kosonen (Mrs. Wiggins, Ted's mother). 86 min. Released in Finland by Finnkino. 2K DCP, 3D in XpanD, Finnish spoken version viewed at Tennispalatsi 9, Helsinki, 12 May, 2012.

The first Universal Pictures film to include the 2012 centenary logo with a new version of the 1997 Jerry Goldsmith Universal theme reorchestrated by Brian Tyler.

An animation about the ecocatastrophe. All the trees have been felled, and since there is no photosynthesis, bottled oxygen has become a vital necessity in the plastic town of Thneed-Ville. Beyond its walls there is only wasteland until the last Truffula seed is discovered.

A witty story with satirical points about man and his environment, a synthetic way of life, the surveillance society, and greed in the little world of the family and the big world of the society.

Visually there are impressive new things in the thrilling rapid-shooting sequence and in effects involving glasses, bottles and mirrors. The visions of pollution and the plastic town are memorable. But the counter-image of the original paradise of nature does not look less synthetic in this movie.

I liked Despicable Me, but in this movie there is a feeling of trying too hard. I was looking forward to a sense of rhythm of alternating loud and quiet moments, but instead there was a relentless impatient feeling, a "more is more" concept.

There was no problem with the 3D, and the image was bright enough.

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