Thursday, May 31, 2012

Forthcoming: Cinema Concert Pohjalaisia (1925)

The cinema concert Pohjalaisia (1925) takes place at Cinema Orion, Friday 8, 2012, at 19.00.

Pohjalaisia [The People from Pohjanmaa, might also be called The People from the Plains] (1925) is a silent Finnish prestige production based on the popular play by Artturi Järviluoma, directed by Jalmari Lahdensuo, who directed also the original theatre production, and shot on authentic locations on the plains of Pohjanmaa. The film has been little seen since 80 years.

The cinematography of Frans Ekebom is powerful with memorable compositions and a good sense of the unique landscape of Pohjanmaa.

The experts at National Audiovisual Archive (restoration: Anna Lehto, Päivi Hurskainen, editing: Jarmo Nyman) have produced a beautiful reconstruction and restoration of the film which will be premiered on Friday 8 June 2012 at Cinema Orion. The movie will be screened from a 2K DCP.

The Festival of the province of Etelä-Pohjanmaa (Etelä-Pohjanmaa valtaa Senaatintorin: Pikkuusen häjymmät pirot, 7-9 June, 2012) is a partner in the cinema concert in which the music is provided by two master accordionists.

Teppo Välimäki is a folk musician with a long experience who received the title of mestaripelimanni (master player) in 1993. He has given concerts in Finland, other countries of Europe, and the United States and Australia. Since the mid-1990s Välimäki is also a member of the diatonic accordion trio Tepot.

Teijo Aho received his mestaripelimanni title in 2007. The talent has been going in the family, because besides Teijo also his father and his brother have the mestaripelimanni distinction. There are pelimanni genes also on the mother's side. Aho plays mostly the diatonic accordion although he masters other accordions as well.

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