Sunday, May 27, 2012

International cinematheque programmes

La Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg. Musée du cinéma. Mai 2012. Yasmine's. City Magazine Luxembourg. Mee 2012. Fritz Lang: Master of Noir I (guest: Noël Simsolo). Ménage à trois. My Own Private Cinema: Rétrospective Gus Van Sant 2. Afghanistan: un autre regard. Ciné-Musiques: The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace (Karl Jenkins). Ciné-Concert: Die Frau, nach der man sich sehnt (Pascal Schumacher). Tous les genres du cinéma: leçon 8: Le film fantastique. Filmreakter's Cinélunatique: Exploitation Cinema at the Cinematheque. Kino mat Häerz... a mat Kaffi! Comedy Classics. Arthouse Classics. Sense and Sensibility. Ciné XXL. Université Populaire du Cinéma. Cinema Paradiso (for kids).

Filmoteca Española (Madrid): Mayo 2012. Cine Doré, Calle Santa Isabel, 3. Claire Denis. Claves para una historia del cine II. Raúl Ruiz VI. Documenta Madrid 2012: Carlos Velo y Richard Dindo. XI ImagineIndia. La mirada japonesa - El camino del artista II. Rencontres Internationales Paris / Berlin / Madrid. Cine para todos.

BFI Southbank (London): June 2012. BFI Southbank, Belvedere Road, South Bank, London. Twin retrospective of Shirley MacLaine - and Warren Beatty. Anime. Two Masters of Japanese Cinema: Kozaburo Yoshimura & Kaneto Shindo I. Greek Tragedy on TV. The Genius of Hitchcock I with an outdoor gala screening of Blackmail (music by Neil Brand). Extended Run: Death Watch, and The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie.

Filmmuseum (Vienna): Filmmuseum Mai / Juni 2012. Österreichisches Filmmuseum, Augustinerstrasse 1. Olivier Assayas: Das Gesamtwerk (in the presence of Olivier Assayas and Kent Jones). King Hu (with lectures by Olaf Möller, Christoph Huber). Die Provokation der Wirklichkeit: 50 Jahre Oberhausener Manifest (introduced by Ralph Eue). Zyklische Programme: Was ist Film. Die Utopie Film.

Arsenal (Berlin): Juni 2012. Arsenal, Filmhaus, Potsdamer Strasse 2. Guest: Trinh T. Minh-ha. 18. Jewish Film Festival. IntroSpective: Guests: Uzi Parnes, Ela Troyano. Magical History Tour: City Symphonies. Living Archive. Arbeitswelten im Film. Das Gesicht als Ereignis. Re-Visionen von Rumänien. Kolloquium der Deutschen Kinemathek: Avantgarde im Archiv?! Guest: Daniel Eisenberg. Guest: Xiaolu Guo. Amos Vogel in memoriam. Heinz Emigholz: the Films on Architecture. Die Basis des Make-Up.

Cinemateket (Oslo). Programkatalog nr. 90 mai/juni 2012. The Norsk Filminstitutt (NFI) screenings take place at Cinemateket, Filmens Hus, Dronningens gate 16, in three cinemas: Tancred, Lillebil, and Barnas Filmrom. Marilyn Monroe. The Taviani Brothers. Norsk ohygge (Norwegian Horror). Hasseåtage = Hans Alfredson and Tage Danielsson. Inspirert av The Artist. Mat på film (Food in the Cinema). Skeiv weekend (Queer Weekend). Månedens film: Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Månedens klassiker: Jag är nyfiken - blå; Jag är nyfiken - gul; Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Silent film concert: Konstgjorda Svensson (music: Kjetil Schjander-Larsen). Filmsalongen med Per Haddal. The Dream That Kicks (experimental). Ny Musikk: The Great White Silence with live soundtrack av Simon Fisher Turner. Rock Noir. Barnas Cinematek (children). Cinemateket Ung (young viewers).

Harvard Film Archive: April, May, June 2012. Carpenter Center, 24 Quincy Street. Curated by Haden Guest and David Pendleton. Ed Pincus, Lost and Found (in person). Michael Glawogger's Globalization Trilogy (in person). The Animated Films of William Kentridge (in person). Nelson Pereira dos Santos, Cinema Novo and Beyond (in person). Jean Gentil by Israel Cárdenas and Laura Amelia Guzmán (in person). Anthony McCall's Line Describing a Cone (intro by Ernie Gehr). ¡Que Viva Eisenstein! (intro by Vlada Petric). The School of Reis: The Films and Legacy of António Reis and Margarida Cordeiro. The Anarchic Imagination of Alex Cox (in person). Jack Clayton, Between Innocence and Experience. History Through the Wrong End of the Telescope: The Films of Aleksei Guerman. The Pleasures of Deception: The Films of Matías Piñeiro (in person).

Anthology Film Archives (New York): April, May, June 2012. 32 Second Avenue. Essential Cinema. Premieres: My Mars Bar Movie, Jean Gentil, The Observers. AFA Preservations: Taylor Mead, Danny Lyon. Retrospectives: Carmelo Bene, Robert Nelson, Jean-André Fieschi, Jean Epstein, Tony Buba, António Reis & Margarida Cordeiro. Series-Ongoing: Show & Tell; New York Women in Film & Television. Series: Spanish Cinema in the Early Post-Franco Era; Sometimes Cities: America Beyond NYC; From the Pen Of... Special Screenings: Gregory Markopoulos; Single Frame: The Slides of Hollis Frampton; Yugoslav Experimental Cinema; ICON EYE; Amy Greenfield; Peter Sempel; Films from New York's Vault; etc.

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