Thursday, March 08, 2018

Wheels of Freedom

Wheels of Freedom featuring Ville Jaaranto.

Aleksi Puranen | Finland, Germany 2018 | Documentary | 87 min
In the presence of Ville Jaaranto, Aleksi Puranen and eight members of the team.
Tampere Film Festival (TFF), National Competition, Plevna 2, 8 March 2018

TFF: "Being alive and having a life are two different things for Ville Jaaranto. Freedom as his dream and equality on his agenda, he sets to travel across Europe by his power wheelchair. While on his journey, he comes to realize that neither he himself nor the world around him are quite ready for it. Crazy dreams are the best cure for a mundane life."

"Elää ja olla elossa ovat eri asiat Ville Jaarannolle. Vapaus haaveenaan ja yhdenvertaisuus agendanaan hän lähtee sähköpyörätuolillaan matkalle Euroopan halki. Matkalla hän huomaa, etteivät hän eikä ympäröivä maailma ole siihen valmiita. Arjen harmauteen paras lääke ovat hullut unelmat.

AA: A humoristic odyssey featuring Ville Jaaranto who has a condition of ankylosis (from ἀγκύλος) (niveljäykistymä) but that does not prevent him from embarking on a road trip on his power wheelchair. Everything does not go according to plan but this is one of the cases where the trip itself is more rewarding than the announced destination.

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