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Women Make Film 5: Adult\Child, Economy, Editing

Chapter 12: Adult\Child: Winter's Bone / Debra Granik, US 2010. Screenshot from the Women Make Film website.

From Chapter 13: Innocence / Lucile Hadžihalilović, FR 2004. Screenshot from the Women Make Film website.

From Chapter 14: Dong fu ren / 董夫人 / The Arch / Cecile Tang, HK 1968. Screenshot from the Women Make Film website.

Women Make Film. A New Road Movie Through Cinema
Women Make Film. Uusi matka elokuvaan

GB © 2019 How To Make A Movie Ltd. PC: Hopscotch Films. P: John Archer. EX: Clara Glynn, Tilda Swinton. Assistant P: Sonali Choudhury. Associate P: Carl Beauchamp, Catherine Glynn Benkaim, Barbara Timmer.
    D+SC: Mark Cousins. Sound mixing: Diane Jardine. S: Joe Harfield. ED+script consultant: Timo Langer. Online: Chas Chalmers. Edit assistant: Scott Bilsbrough. P coordinator: Mhairi Valentine. P team: David Brown, Rowan Ings, Raja Kryda. World Sales: Dogwoof. Head of sales: Ana Vicente. Legal: David Burgess.
    14 hours
    Festival premiere: 1 Sep 2018 Venice Film Festival
    Finnish telepremieres of the 14 episodes: 3.3.2020, 10.3.2020, 17.3.2020, 24.3.2020, 1.4.2020, 8.4.2020, 15.4.2020
    Corona lockdown viewings.
    Yle Areena.
    Viewed on a 4K tv set at home in Helsinki, 13 April 2020.

Official synopsis: "The epic, four years in the making, still in production, is made up of forty “chapters” to be narrated by Tilda Swinton, Jane Fonda and other key women in cinema, still to be announced. Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema follows in the footsteps of Mark Cousins’ The Story of Film: An Odyssey, to give us a guided tour of the art and craft of the movies. Using almost a thousand film extracts from thirteen decades and five continents, Cousins asks how films are made, shot and edited; how stories are shaped and how movies depict life, love, politics, humour and death, all through the compelling lens of some of the world’s greatest directors – all of them women."

Episode 5/14: Adult\Child, Economy, Editing
Jakso 5/14: Aikuisia ja lapsia, niukka kerronta ja editointi

Narrators: Adjoa Andoh, Jane Fonda
Finnish / Swedish subtitles: Tiina Kähkönen / Sari Östman

Chapter 12. Adult\Child

Ingen nulims / Ингэн нулимс / Die Geschichte vom weinenden Kamel / The Story of a Weeping Camel / Tarina itkevästä kamelista / Byambasuren Davaa and Luigi Falomi, MN/DE 2003
Home / Ursula Meier, CH/FR/BE 2008 [unreleased in Finland]
The Hurt Locker / The Hurt Locker / Kathryn Bigelow, US 2008
Une vraie jeune fille / A Real Young Girl / Catherine Breillat, FR 1976 [unreleased in Finland]
L'Enfant d'en haut / Sister / Ursula Meier, FR/CH 2012 [unreleased in Finland]
Deutschland bleiche Mutter / Germany Pale Mother / Saksa, kalvas äiti / Helma Sanders-Brahms, DE 1980
Nattlek / Night Games / Öiset leikit / Mai Zetterling, SE 1966
Melodiya dlya katerniki / Мелодія для катеринки / Melodiya dlya sharmanki / Melody for a Street Organ / Kira Muratova, UA 2009 [unreleased in Finland]
Winter's Bone / Winter's Bone / Debra Granik, US 2010
The Owl Who Married A Goose: An Eskimo Legend / Pöllö, joka avioitui hanhen kanssa / Caroline Leaf, CA 1974
Lore / Lore / Cate Shortland, DE/AU/GB 2012
Frozen River / Frozen River / Courtney Hunt, US 2008
Mossane / Safi Faye, DE/SN 1996 [unreleased in Finland]
XXY / Lucía Puenzo, AR/ES/FR 2007 [unreleased in Finland]
We Need to Talk About Kevin / Poikani Kevin / Lynne Ramsay, GB/US 2011
SherryBaby / SherryBaby / Laurie Collyer, US 2006
Kur po xhirohej një film / When Shooting A Film / Xhanfize Keko, AL 1981 [unreleased in Finland]
A Portrait of Ga / Margaret Tait, GB 1952

Chapter 13. Economy

Évolution / Evolution / Lucile Hadžihalilović, FR/BE/ES 2015 [unreleased in Finland]
Innocence / Viattomuus / Lucile Hadžihalilović, FR 2004
Yo, la peor de todas / I, the Worst of All / María Luisa Bemberg, AR 1990 [unreleased in Finland]
Beau travail / Claire Denis, FR 1999 [unreleased in Finland]
Chibusa yo eien nare / 乳房よ永遠なれ / The Eternal Breasts / Kinuyo Tanaka, JP 1955 [unreleased in Finland]
L'une chante l'autre pas / One Sings, The Other Doesn't / Onni on olla nainen / Agnès Varda, VE/FR/BG 1977
Mein Stern / Be My Star / Valeska Grisebach, DE 2001 [unreleased in Finland]
Sans toit ni loi / Vagabond / Kuin taivaan lintu / Agnès Varda, FR 1985
Appropriate Behaviour / Desiree Akhavan, GB 2014 [unreleased in Finland]

Chapter 14. Editing

Middle of Nowhere / Ava DuVernay, US 2012 [unreleased in Finland]
Sambizanga / Sambizanga / Sarah Maldoror, AO/FR 1973
Olympia, 2. Teil – Fest der Schönheit / Olympia Part Two: Festival of Beauty / Olympia II: Kauneuden juhla / Leni Riefenstahl, DE 1938
The Hurt Locker / The Hurt Locker / Kathryn Bigelow, US 2008
Le Lit / Vuode / Marion Hänsel, BE/CH 1982
Zabitá neděle / Squandered Sunday / Drahomíra Vihanová, CZ 1969 [unreleased in Finland]
Flickorna / The Girls / Näyttelijättäret / Mai Zetterling, SE 1968
Deutschland bleiche Mutter / Germany Pale Mother / Saksa, kalvas äiti / Helma Sanders-Brahms, DE 1980
Les Filles du roy / Anne Claire Poirier, CA 1977 [unreleased in Finland]
Marseille / Angela Schanelec, DE/FR 2004 [unreleased in Finland]
The Loveless / Tunteettomat / Kathryn Bigelow, Monty Montgomery, US 1981
Annas Sommer / Anna's Summer / Annan kesä / Jeanine Meerapfel, DE/GR/ES 2001
Go! Go! Go! / Marie Menken, cm, US 1964
Dong fu ren / 董夫人 / The Arch / Cecile Tang Shu Shuen / Tang Shu Shuen / Shu Shuen Tong, HK 1968 [unreleased in Finland]

AA: With eyes agog I follow this nonstop stream of miracles and wonders. A clip from the first film of Catherine Breillat, Une vraie jeune fille, which I have never seen. Deutschland bleiche Mutter by Helma Sanders-Brahms looks very much like a film worth revisiting based on these glimpses. Debra Granik's Winter's Bone I have not seen since the first run; it may have grown with the years.

The "Economy" chapter is a bit wayward... but who cares. Lucile Hadžihalilović (Évolution, Innocence) and Agnès Varda (L'une chante, l'autre pas and Sans toit ni loi) look great in these selections.

The "Editing" chapter ends intriguingly with Cecile Tang's The Arch, and other discoveries include a Czech film that I have never seen, Drahomira Vihanová's Squandered Sunday.

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