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Women Make Film 6: POV, Close-Up, Surrealism and Dreams

From Chapter 15: Point of View: Älskande par / Loving Couples / Mai Zetterling, SE 1964. Screenshot from the Women Make Film website.

From Chapter 16: Surrealism: Arabesque / Germaine Dulac, FR 1929. Screenshot from the Women Make Film website.

From Chapter 17: Dreams: Wayne's World / Penelope Spheeris, US 1992. Screenshot from the Women Make Film website.

Women Make Film. A New Road Movie Through Cinema
Women Make Film. Uusi matka elokuvaan

GB © 2019 How To Make A Movie Ltd. PC: Hopscotch Films. P: John Archer. EX: Clara Glynn, Tilda Swinton. Assistant P: Sonali Choudhury. Associate P: Carl Beauchamp, Catherine Glynn Benkaim, Barbara Timmer.
    D+SC: Mark Cousins. Sound mixing: Diane Jardine. S: Joe Harfield. ED+script consultant: Timo Langer. Online: Chas Chalmers. Edit assistant: Scott Bilsbrough. P coordinator: Mhairi Valentine. P team: David Brown, Rowan Ings, Raja Kryda. World Sales: Dogwoof. Head of sales: Ana Vicente. Legal: David Burgess.
    14 hours
    Festival premiere: 1 Sep 2018 Venice Film Festival
    Finnish telepremieres of the 14 episodes: 3.3.2020, 10.3.2020, 17.3.2020, 24.3.2020, 1.4.2020, 8.4.2020, 15.4.2020
    Corona lockdown viewings.
    Yle Areena.
    Viewed on a 4K tv set at home in Helsinki, 13 April 2020.

Official synopsis: "The epic, four years in the making, still in production, is made up of forty “chapters” to be narrated by Tilda Swinton, Jane Fonda and other key women in cinema, still to be announced. Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema follows in the footsteps of Mark Cousins’ The Story of Film: An Odyssey, to give us a guided tour of the art and craft of the movies. Using almost a thousand film extracts from thirteen decades and five continents, Cousins asks how films are made, shot and edited; how stories are shaped and how movies depict life, love, politics, humour and death, all through the compelling lens of some of the world’s greatest directors – all of them women."

Episode 6/14: POV, Close-Up, Surrealism and Dreams
Jakso 6/14: Näkökulmia ja unia

Narrators: Adjoa Andoh, Sharmila Tagore
Finnish / Swedish subtitles: Jaana Wiik / Ann-Sofi Pettersson

Chapter 15. POV

Proof / Sokeat todisteet / Jocelyn Moorhouse, AU 1991
The Hitch-Hiker / Varo vapaamatkustajia / Ida Lupino, US 1953
Ung flukt / The Wayward Girl / Nuoret syntiset / Edith Calmar, NO 1959
The Beguiled / Lumotut / Sofia Coppola, US 2017
I cannibali / The Cannibals / The Year of the Cannibals / Ihmissyöjät / Liliana Cavani, IT 1970
Meek's Cutoff / Meek's Cutoff / Kelly Reichardt, US 2010
Älskande par / Loving Couples / Rakastavia pareja / Mai Zetterling, SE 1964
Voskhozhdenie / Восхождение / The Ascent / Nousu / Larisa Shepitko, SU 1977
Krylya / Крылья / Wings / Larisa Shepitko, SU 1966 [unreleased in Finland]
Strange Days / Strange Days / Kathryn Bigelow, US 1995
The Babadook / The Babadook / Jennifer Kent, AU/CA 2014
À ma sœur ! / Fat Girl / Sisarelleni / Catherine Breillat, FR/IT 2001

Chapter 16. Close Up

Une vraie jeune fille / A Real Young Girl / Catherine Breillat, FR 1976 [unreleased in Finland]
Örökbefogadás / Adoption / Ottolapsi / Márta Mészáros, HU 1975
The Cheaters / Paulette McDonagh, AU 1929 [unreleased in Finland]
Melancholian 3 huonetta / The 3 Rooms of Melancholia / Pirjo Honkasalo, FI/DK/DE/SE 2004
Tian yu / 天浴 / Xiu Xiu: The Sent-Down Girl / Xiu Xiu – unohdettu tyttö / Joan Chen, HK/US/TW 1998
Madame a des envies / Madame's Cravings / Madam's Fancies / Alice Guy-Blaché, FR 1907
Évolution / Evolution / Lucile Hadžihalilović, FR/BE/ES 2015 [unreleased in Finland]
Le Lit / Vuode / Marion Hänsel, BE/CH 1982
Arabesque / Germaine Dulac, FR 1929
Voskhozhdenie / Восхождение / The Ascent / Nousu / Larisa Shepitko, SU 1977

Chapter 17. Surrealism and Dreams

Wayne's World / Wayne's World / Penelope Spheeris, US 1992
Three Cases of Murder, episode "In the Picture" / Kolme murhaa / Wendy Toye, GB 1955
36 Chowringhee Lane / 36 ਚੌਰੰਗੀ ਲੇਨ / Aparna Sen, IN 1981
At Land / Maya Deren, US 1946
Meshes of the Afternoon / Maya Deren, US 1943
The Portrait of a Lady / Naisen muotokuva / Jane Campion, GB/US 1996
The Gold Diggers / Sally Potter, GB 1983 [unreleased in Finland]
Dong fu ren / 董夫人 / The Arch / Cecile Tang Shu Shuen / Tang Shu Shuen / Shu Shuen Tong, HK 1968 [unreleased in Finland]
La Pointe Courte / Agnès Varda, FR 1955 [unreleased in Finland]
Deutschland bleiche Mutter / Germany Pale Mother / Saksa, kalvas äiti / Helma Sanders-Brahms, DE 1980
Privarzaniyat balon / Привързаният балон / The Attached Balloon / Binka Zhelyazkova, BG 1967
Sedmikrásky / Daisies / Tuhatkaunokit / Věra Chytilová, CZ 1966
Napló gyermekeimnek / Diary for My Children / Päiväkirja lapsilleni / Márta Mészáros, HU 1984
Évolution / Evolution / Lucile Hadžihalilović, FR/BE/ES 2015 [unreleased in Finland]
L'Invitation au voyage / Germaine Dulac, FR 1927
The Black Dog / Alison de Vere, GB 1987

AA: Incidental pleasures in following this series include seeing great actors in early performances, here including Russell Crowe in Jocelyn Moorhouse's Proof and Liv Ullmann speaking her native Norwegian in Edith Calmar's Ung flukt, a film in the popular Nordic "summer film" genre. A heavyweight in the first chapter is Larisa Shepitko with two powerful selections: Wings and The Ascent.

The chapter on the Close-Up includes a reminder that Alice Guy belonged to the early adapters of the close-up in a period when almost all movies were filmed in long shot.

In the chapter on Surrealism and Dreams we enter a promised land of the cinema. Not forgetting Luis Buñuel's conviction that dreams are best portrayed in sober newsreel mode. A grand master here is Maya Deren, and another is Germaine Dulac, the one who was the first in introducing surrealism into the cinema. There are delightful dream visions from Wendy Toye and Aparna Sen. Isolated, Jane Campion's dream sequence in The Portrait of a Lady is striking in this context. But the most enchanting revelation for me is, again!, Cecile Tang's The Arch. I do need to see that film.

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