Thursday, April 16, 1998

The Edge

100695 / 16 / US / 1997 / Tamahori, Lee / / adventure / thriller
Edge, The / Reunalla. © 20th Century Fox. P: Art Linson. D: Lee Tamahori. SC: David Mamet. DP: Donald M. McAlpine. CAST: Anthony Hopkins (Charles Morse), Alec Baldwin (Robert Green), Elle Macpherson (Mickey Morse), L.Q. Jones (Styles), Bart the Bear. Shot on location in Alberta, Canada. 117’. Scope. MPAA 35275. R = 17. Finnish / Swedish subtitles by Janne Staffans. DIST: Columbia Finland. Viewed in Helsinki, VET, Thursday 16 April 1998. *** ”Why is the rabbit not afraid? Because he’s smarter than the jaguar.” A good survival thriller about three men stranded in deepest Alaska forest after a plain crash. Anthony Hopkins is the millionaire who can never know whether others really like him and has had to learn to trust only his own resources. A bookworm, he learns to master the skills needed in the wilderness with no fire, no food, no shelter, and no weapons against the man-eating kodiak bear. Hopkins even learns to create fire with ice. - Visually majestic, with no razzle-dazzle. This is good solid story-telling, and it’s not even story-driven but character-driven.

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