Wednesday, April 08, 1998

Mercury Rising

100689 / 16 / US / 1998 / Becker, Harold / / thriller
Mercury Rising / Salasana: Mercury. © Universal. D: Harold Becker. SC: Lawrence Konner, Mark Rosenthal - based on the novel Simple Simon by Ryne Douglas Pearson. DP: Michael Seresin. CAST: Bruce Willis (Art Jeffries), Alex Baldwin (Lt. Col. Nicholas Kudrow), Miko Hughes (Simon), Kim Dickens (Stacey). 110’. Scope. MPAA 35891. Rated R = 17. Finnish / Swedish subtitles by Timo Porri / Eirik Udd. DIST: UIP Finland. Viewed in Helsinki, VET, Wednesday 8 April 1998. *** An autistic boy cracks the code of a secret government agency. Now the boy’s life is in danger, but maverick FBI agent Bruce Willis comes to the rescue.

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