Tuesday, April 14, 1998


090207 / 16 / GB / 1981 / Ivory, James / / drama
Quartet / Neljä kohtaloa / Kvartetti (TV3). © National Film Trustee. P: Ismail Merchant. D: James Ivory. SC: Ruth Prawer Jhabvala - based on the novel by Jean Rhys. DP: Pierre Lhomme. PD: Jean-Jacques Caziot. ”The 509” and ”Full-Time Lover” performed by Armelia McQueen. CAST: Isabelle Adjani (Marya Zelli), Alan Bates (H.J. Heidler), Maggie Smith (Lois Heidler), Anthony Higgins (Stephan Zelli). 101’. 1,66. English and French dialogue. Finnish / Swedish subtitles by Eija Pokkinen / Maya Vanni. SEA / EuropaVision print viewed in Helsinki, SEA, Cinema Orion, Tuesday 14 April 1998. *** Paris, 1927. The reconstruction of the ambience is far superior to Alan Rudolph (The Moderns) or Philip Kaufman (Henry and June). The atmosphere is so exciting, the film can be enjoyed as a pure visual spectacle. It is a story of relationships based on exploitation. Sophistication is only a shield for sordidness. The character portrayed by Alan Bates is based on Ford Madox Ford.

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