Wednesday, April 15, 1998

Novia que te vea (1)

/ / MX / 1993 / Schyfter, Guita / / drama
Novia que te vea / Like A Bride. PC: Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografia. D: Guita Schyfter. SC: Hugo Hiriant - based on the novel by Rosa Nissan. CAST: Claudette Maille (Oshinica Mataraso), Angélica Aragón (Sara), Maya Mishalska (Rifke Groman), Ernesto Laguardia (Saavedra). 115’. 1,85. Print with English subtitles viewed in Helsinki, SEA, Cinema Orion, Wednesday 15 April 1998. - I caught the first 30 minutes of the film which is apparently essential for anyone interested in the Jewish experience. It seems to be the history of the Jewish community of Mexico as seen through the perspective of two women, Oshinica and Rifke. It is about the encounter of the Sephardi and the Ashkenazi in Mexico. I hope to catch the rest of the film later.

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