Friday, July 08, 2005

Boireau et la demi mondaine

FR 1912. PC: Pathé Frères. D: André Deed. Starring André Deed (Boireau), Valentina Frascaroli (la demi mondaine). 207 m /16 fps/ 12'. Good AFF print. ♪ Donald Sosin. Friday 8 July 2005, Cinéma Lumière 1, Il Cinema Ritrovato, Bologna. Following the catalogue notes: Boireau Sr has decided to marry off his son, the hope of the family. But Boireau Jr has already made his choice for Valentina. He locks away in the spacious shelves of an old cupboard all who oppose the wedding, including father, mother, and Valentina's tutor. – Witty triple shot of the hidden ones. I understand, too, that there is a Spanish rival, and that both father and son have enjoyed relations with Valentina the demi mondaine.

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