Friday, July 08, 2005

Boireau s'expatrie

FR 1913. PC: Pathé Frères. D: André Deed. Starring André Deed (Boireau), Valentina Frascaroli (Gribouillette). B. 6186. 149 m /16 fps/ 9'. Good AFF print. ♪ Donald Sosin. Friday 8 July 2005, Cinéma Lumière 1, Il Cinema Ritrovato, Bologna. Following Bulletin Pathé: On their wedding night Gribouillette finds in Boireau's pocket a compromising photo. She sulks on a chair while the annoyed Boireau falls into a deep sleep. In his dream, Boireau embarks for Canada. But she enters his dream, and under a series of disguises chases the unfaithful like living guilt. After various adventures Boireau wakes up and the newlyweds make up. – Gribouillette's parallel dream is seen in superimposition. The double nightmare is a novel innovation. Valentina's multiple guises. A largely improvised atmosphere.

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