Friday, July 08, 2005

Tih Minh 10: Mercredi 13, Tih Minh 11: Le Document 29

FR 1918. PC: Gaumont. D: Louis Feuillade. Da Archives Gaumont-Pathé. /18 fps/ 37' + 31'. ♪ Neil Brand. Friday 8 July 2005, Cinéma Lumière 1, Il Cinema Ritrovato, Bologna. Auberge de la montagne: Placide guesses that Rita the dog is carrying a secret shipment from the villains. The shipment contains highly powerful sedative, replaced with plain sugar by our heroes. Fine use of extreme long shot in the image of the spies trying to find the Tih Minh basket. Counter-hypnosis unsuccessful on Dolorès. Fine instance of mise-en-scène in the kitchen as Sidonie the maid is tricked with the sedative. Followed by a beautiful sequence with the fake sleepers. Tih Minh rescued by Dolorès. Sir Grey the diplomat learns of grave danger, occult powers, secret armies, connected with Document 29. A fake mailman sent by the spies steals the secret letter revealing that the conspiracy has been made harmless; only the three spies remain to be captured. The tables turn, the spies now being the hunted ones.

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