Friday, July 08, 2005

Boireau et la fille du voisin

FR 1912. PC: Pathé Frères. D: André Deed. Starring André Deed (Boireau), Valentina Frascaroli (Gribouillette). B. 5484. 193 m /16 fps/ 11'. Good AFF print. ♪ Donald Sosin. Friday 8 July 2005, Cinéma Lumière 1, Il Cinema Ritrovato, Bologna. Following the catalogue notes: Boireau is in love with Gribouillette, the neighbour's daughter. A dispute over the boundary hedge becomes for Gribouillette's father the excuse to unleash his anger and attack the neighbour. Boireau responds angrily, whilst Gribouillette vainly searches for pacification. To obtain parental consent, the two lovers fake suicide. Only in front of the pleas of the terrible neighbour Boireau agrees not to die and to live happily with Gribouillette. – The main action is an early instance of the great tradition of Big Business (Laurel & Hardy) and Neighbours (Norman McLaren): the war of the neighbours quickly escalates into a mini-epic. Boireau pretends to reject Valentina, thus ensuring that he gets her.

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