Friday, February 01, 2008

Romeo und Julia im Schnee

[Romeo ja Julia Alpeilla] / [Romeo och Julia i snö]. DE 1920. PC: Maxim-Film. D: Ernst Lubitsch. SC: Hanns Kräly, Lubitsch. DP: Theodor Sparkuhl. PD: Kurt Richter. LOC: Schwarzwald. Starring: Lotte Neumann (Julia Capulethofer), Gustav von Wangenheim (Romeo Montekugerl), Jacob Tiedtke (Mr. Capulethofer), Marga Köhler (Mrs. Capulethofer), Ernst Rückert (Mr. Montekugerl), Josefine Dora (Mrs. Montekugerl), Julius Falkenstein (Paris). Tinted and toned print, Filmarchiv Austria, /18 fps/ 48 min. E-subtitles by AA. Viewed at Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 31 Jan 2008. Shot in Schwarzwald, this is relaxed fun about two fighting families, climaxing in a masked ball where Romeo meets his rival, a simpleton, who has come dressed as an angel. Switching into the angel dress Romeo can have his way with Julia. I saw for the first time this delightful colour print. The film itself stands repeated screenings very well.

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