Sunday, February 24, 2008


Curator: Stefan Drössler. Viewed at Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 24 Feb 2008. E-subtitles AA.
Der Blusenkönig (Ernst Lubitsch, DE 1917), fragment of /18 fps/ 11 min, his comedy as Sally Katz, the shirt king and charmer of women.
[Lubitsch in Germany and Hollywood], video presentation by Stefan Drössler
Die Flamme (Liekki / Montmartre, Ernst Lubitsch, DE 1922, premiere 1923), starring Pola Negri, Alfred Abel, Hermann Thimig, Digibeta reconstruction by Stefan Drössler, 44 min
[Test Footage for Faust], US 1923, P: Mary Pickford, D: Ernst Lubitsch, tests for Mephisto, 12 min
The Patriot Trailer, US 1928, dvd, 3 min
The Patriot: the Portuguese fragment, 7 min
Die Flamme was the highlight, for the first time since decades this film makes sense in this fine reconstruction, the previously existing 20 min fragment did not work.

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