Saturday, February 16, 2008

Risto Räppääjä

Risto Rappare [SE] / [Risto the Rapper]. FI (c) 2008 Kinotar. EX: Lasse Saarinen. P: Risto Salomaa. D: Mari Rantasila. SC: Sinikka Nopola, Tiina Nopola - based on their RR books (nine, the film based mainly on the ones published in 2000 and 2001). Digital intermediate by Generator Post. AD: Minna Santakari. M: Iiro Rantala. Starring: Niilo Sipilä (Risto Räppääjä), Mimmi Lounela (Nelli Nuudelipää), Annu Valonen (Rauha Räppääjä), Ulla Tapaninen (Elvi Räppääjä), Martti Suosalo (Lennart Lindberg). 80 min. Released by Nordisk. Viewed at Kinopalatsi 1, Helsinki, 16 Feb 2oo8. This is an energetic children's film based on the drummer boy character created by the Nopola sisters. The director Mari Rantasila keeps the zany events moving at a good pace. I have liked her previous films Greippi (1999) and Pieniä eroja (2002) actually even more than this one, which is a bit marred by the over-the-top digital colour and the fact that all the grown-ups act in such an anti-grown-up way, almost forcing the children to act precocious. Anyway, it's fun, and a memorable contribution to the too meagre genre of the Finnish musical.

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