Sunday, August 31, 2008

Antonionin lyhytelokuvia 2

Kortfilmer av Antonioni 2 / Antonioni Shorts 2. IT 1978-1997. Tapes and prints from Cinecittà Holding. Viewed at Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 31 August 2008.
Ritorna a Lisca Bianca. IT 1983. PC: RAI Tre. D: Michelangelo Antonioni. DP: Carlo Di Palma. 8 min. Betacam, alas. - Revisiting the location of L'avventura.
Gianni Moretti: Fotoromanza. IT 1984. P: Maurizio La Pira. D+SC: Michelangelo Antonioni. DP: Luciano Tovoli (video). 6 min. Betacam. - A music video to Gianni Moretti's pop song "Fotoromanza", a typical music video of its era. The artist in the room watching a monitor. Numbers flying from the telephone. Smoke emerging from behind the door. Slow motion. Solarization. Manhattan skyline and gangster cliches. Boxing motifs. Clumsy superimpositions. The music video now looks like a parody of the early MTV era, and the audience could not help but laugh.
Kumbha Mela. IT 1989. P: Enrica Antonioni. D: Michelangelo Antonioni. DP: Carlo Di Palma. 18 min. Betacam, alas. - A devout vision of the Hindi purification rites in the holy water of the river Ganges, beautifully shot, with haunting Indian music.
Roma '90. IT 1990. PC: Recta Film / Istituto Luce et Ministerio del Turismo e dello Spettacolo. D: Michelangelo Antonioni. DP: Fiorenza Muller. M: baroque classics such as Vivaldi. 10'. - A wonderful view of the beauty of the buildings, statues and paintings of Rome, focusing finally on the Cappella Sistina, Michelangelo meeting Michelangelo, final image: God's hand gives spirit to Man. In gorgeous colour in analogue 35mm.
Noto, Mandorli, Vulcano, Stromboli, Carnevale. IT 1992. D: Michelangelo Antonioni. DP: Felice de Maria. 11 min. A cluster of five short films from the Sicilian area and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Visions of volcanic power and a Sicilian carneval. Splendidly beautiful in a brilliant 35mm print.
Sicilia. IT 1997. PC: Arancia Cinema. D: Michelangelo Antonioni. DP: Maurizio Dell'Orco. 12 min. Volcano, ruins, clouds, fountain, market, woman on the beach. Delicious views in a gorgeous 35mm print.
Antonioni vista da Antonioni. IT 1978. PC: Unità Procuttiva CCS. D+interviewer: Lino Miccichè. DP: Luciano Tovoli. Interviewee: Michelangelo Antonioni. 26 min. Betacam, very bad visual quality with horizontal lines, sound unnatural. - Antonioni in good form in this interview that starts from Gente del Po. His early interest in the private and the social. The Italian episode of I vinti destroyed by censorship (Neofascism as a subject not allowed). The theme of the falsification of images. I have always had to fight to make my films, some have been huge commercial flops. When I started, melodramas such as Catene were popular. I made unfeeling melodramas. The market tried to isolate Antonioni. Le amiche: the outlook on life very different from Pavese. I focus on female characters because women are a more subtle filter of reality. The psychological stress in the working class because of the lack of money.

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