Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jääkärin morsian

Jägarens brud / [The Yagher's Bride]. FI 1931. PC: Sarastus. D: Kalle Kaarna. Based on the music play by Sam Sihvo (1921). DP: Heikki Aho and Björn Soldan. Starring Tauno Palo (Martti), Hanna Taini (Sabina), Ella Eronen (Sonja Strand). 101 min. The almost complete print found in Michigan by the AFI in 1998. Silent film with a full music score and some song inserts, Finnish / Swedish intertitles. Viewed in Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 20 August 2008. - Tauno Palo Centenary. - The first film appearance of Finnish cinema's hero number one. - I checked the first half hour of the uneven film with three strong starring debut performances: Tauno Palo, Hanna Taini, Ella Eronen.

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