Friday, August 22, 2008

Tres días

3 días / Before the Fall. ES (2008) Maestranza Films / Green Moon España / Pentagrama Films. D: F. Javier Gutiérrez. SC: Juan Velarde, F. Javier Gutiérrez. DP: Miguel Ángel Mora - shot on 35mm film - digital intermediate - print 35mm 1:1,85. Starring Daniel Casadellà (Emilio), Victor Clavijo (Alejandro), Mariana Cordero (Rosa), Ana de las Cuevas (Raquel), Elvira de Armiñán (Clara), Antonio Dechent (Urbano), Eduard Fernández (Lucio). 93 min. A Filmax print with English subtitles. Viewed at Espoo Ciné, Prix Méliès series, Louhisali, Espoo, 21 August 2008. - Bleak digital intermediate look. - Quoting the festival catalogue: a giant meteorite is about to collide with the Earth in 72 hours. Apocalypse is imminent. Alejandro decides just to stay drunk. But his mother asks him to help, as the psychopath Lucio plans to murder her four children. - Visually rugged, pared down, with striking inserts, high-contrast, often bleached look. - The main content is brutality towards children. There is a motif of hanging. The film becomes a spectacle for sadistic / masochistic violence. - The psychopath is conquered before the end of the world with a flash and darkness.

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