Saturday, August 30, 2008


Happy-Go-Lucky / Happy-Go-Lucky. GB (c) 2007 [Southwark Untitled?] / Ingenious Film Partners / Summit Entertainment / Thin Man Films / UK Film Council. P: Simon Channing-Williams. D+SC: Mike Leigh. DP: Dick Pope - digital intermediate - 35 mm film print 1:2,35. M: Gary Yershon. Starring Sally Hawkins (Poppy), Alexis Zegerman (Zoe), Andrea Riseborough (Dawn), Samuel Roukin (Tim), Sinead Matthews (Alice), Kate O'Flynn (Suzy), Sarah Niles (Tash), Eddie Marsan (Scott). 118 min. Finnish release by Sandrew with Finnish / Swedish subtitles by Taina Komu / Joanna Erkkilä. Viewed at Maxim 2, Helsinki, 30 August 2008. - A pleasant film look with warm and bright colour. - My favourite Mike Leigh movie. - An original comedy with the concept of jolly Poppy meeting a variety of often surly characters. - Can be compared with Amélie, but this movie is fresher. - The 30-something Poppy is the life of the party wherever she goes. She is a teacher of the junior level, who visits a bookstore, enjoys a girls' party, loses her bicycle, starts driving lessons, and practices the flamenco. Helping a disturbed kid who is a school bully she meets a child psychologist, and they date. Meanwhile, her driving instructor loses his mental balance. - A pleasant Gary Yershon score.

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