Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Docks of New York

Yö satamassa / En natt i hamn. USA © 1928 Paramount Famous Lasky Corp. Assoc. P: J.G. Bachmann D: Josef von Sternberg. Adaptation: Jules Furthman – from the story by John Monk Saunders – titles: Julian Johnson. DP: Harold Rosson. AD: Hans Dreier. ED: Helen Lewis. CAST: George Bancroft (Bill Roberts), Betty Compson (Sadie), Baclanova (Lou), Clyde Cook (Sugar Steve), Mitchell Lewis (third engineer), Gustav von Seyffertitz (Hymn Book Harry), Guy Oliver (The Crimp), Lillian Worth (Steven tyttö). 2195 m /20 fps/ 96 min. Print: UCLA. Viewed at Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 22 Sep 2009. - Revisited a Sternberg masterpiece, the first 30 min. - The definition of light in this portion is beautiful, but I heard from Arto Merimaa that the definition of the rest is uneven, based on the status of the source materials. - 20 fps seems the right speed. - Great poetic montages in the beginning: the harbour of New York - hard work in the ship's boiler room - commotion at The Sandbar - Sadie's suicide attempt and her revival. - Already this part of the film is full with connections to Sternberg's other films. - The group of ragged men dreaming of women in the boiler room: qf. Anatahan. - The commotion at the cheap harbour saloon where beer and cigarettes are consumed: qf. Der Blaue Engel. - The sympathy for the outcasts: qf. The Salvation Hunters. - A visually brilliant movie of "the derelicts of the world". - And yes, there is the fog, the smoke, and the nets.

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