Thursday, September 17, 2009

Noidan kirot

Trolldomens förbannelse / [The Curse of the Witch]. FI 1927. PC: Suomi-Filmi. P: Erkki Karu. D+SC: Teuvo Puro - based on the novel by Väinö Kataja (1914). DP: Frans Ekebom. AD: Carl Fager. CAST: Einar Rinne (Simo of Utuniemi), Heidi Blåfield-Korhonen (Selma, Simo's wife), Irmeli Viherjuuri (Aaprami of Utuniemi), Kaisa Leppänen (Elsa, Simo's blind sister), Hemmo Kallio (Esa of Rantamaula, Selma's father), Olga Leino (mistress of Rantamaula, Selma's mother), Nisse Karlsson (Aapo of Rantamaula, Selma's brother), Yrjö Tuominen (Sakari Kippari, "Fat Sakari", a lumber boss), Hannes Närhi (Jantukka, a witchdoctor from Lapland). 2070 m /24 fps/ 71 min. A Centenary of the Cinema tinted and toned jubileum print. Viewed at Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 16 Sep 2009. - Our speed was too fast; 20 fps would have been more appropriate. The colour was too heavy, taking away the luminosity from the image. - Revisited a stolid Finnish mainstream studio film of the late silent era. - The film is at best mediocre. No sense of cinematic expression, just clumsy shots one after the other. No suspense, no psychology, no cinematic direction of actors. I would not include this in an account of Finnish horror cinema. - The best moment is towards the end: the reconciliation. - A typical example of the boring mainstream cinema against which the young Valentin Vaala and Teuvo Tulio rebelled. The Suomi-Filmi studio was completely out of touch of the international development of cinema.

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