Thursday, January 28, 2010

Aho & Soldan 1: The Spectrum of Genres

Aho & Soldan 1: Lajien kirjo. Compiled by Ilkka Kippola, Jari Sedergren, Erkko Lyytinen, and Jarmo Nyman. 80 min. A Digibeta with Freeplaymusic. Viewed at Cinema Orion (DocPoint), 28 Jan 2010.

Introduced by Ilkka Kippola and Jari Sedergren. In the presence of Claire Aho and Jussi Brofeldt.

Outokumpu (1933) 22 min
Raudan jalostusta Suomessa [Iron Refining in Finland] (1934) (a fragment) 21 min
Atlas (1931) 13 min
Kaakko-Junnon parannustaikoja [Kaakko-Junno's Magic Cure] 12 min
I.S.K. 40 v. riemujuhlanäyttely Pieksämäellä [The I.S.K. 40th Anniversary Jubileum Country Fair] 12 min [I.S.K. = Itä-Suomen Karjanjalostusyhdistys = The Cattle Breeding Society of Eastern Finland]
Partiointia pakkasessa [Patrolling in the Cold] (1938) 6 min

The great variety of the output of the Aho & Soldan company. The source materials are extremely difficult, and I'd look forward to seeing these works on film, but Kippola, Sedergren, and Nyman had done a great work with this compilation.

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