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Aho & Soldan 3: The Nation

Aho & Soldan 3: Kansakunta. Compiled by Ilkka Kippola, Jari Sedergren, Erkko Lyytinen, and Jarmo Nyman. 93 min. One 35 mm print and a Digibeta. Introduced by Jari Sedergren. Viewed at Cinema Orion (DocPoint), Helsinki, 30 Jan 2010.

35 mm:
Finland kallar / Suomi kutsuu / Finland Calling. FI (1932, 1936, 1937) 1940. Ministry for Foreign Affairs. PC: Aho & Soldan. M: compiled from 22 compositions by Jean Sibelius, arr. Jussi Blomstedt, perf. Helsingin Teatteriorkesteri. 22 min. - Swedish version. - A good definition of light in a used print. - The forest, the winter, the spring, the lumberjacks, the lumber industry. - Explosions, the mining industry. - The metal industry. - Pottery, ceramic industry. - Sailing, the lakes, the sea. - Helsinki, Torni, the market square. - Beach life. - Addendum: the Winter War.

Finland försvarar Nordens frihet [Finland Defends Nordic Freedom]. SE/FI 1940. Commentary read by Ella Eronen. 9 min. - In Swedish. - The Winter War.
Tasavallan presidentti puhuu 26.6.41 [The Address of the President of the Republic on 26 June 1941]. FI 1941. PC: Puolustusvoimat (Finnish Defence Forces). M: selections from Jean Sibelius. 5 min. - President Risto Ryti's address for the war between Finland and the Soviet Union that started on 25 June 1941. He talks about the arch-enemy which Finland has fought for centuries. "This is our second battle of defense. Now we have a better chance than ever for a final victory".
Sireenien kukkiessa 1941 [Lilac Time 1941]. FI 1941. PC: Valtion tiedoituslaitos [The State Information Centre]. D: Hannu Leminen. Commentary read by Hilkka Helinä and Turo Kartto. M: The Jäger March by Sibelius, etc. 10 min. - The weeks before the start of the war on 25 June 1941. - The Soviet Embassy evicted. - The German General Erfurt pays a visit to the graves of the brothers in arms. "That brotherhood is still going strong". - Midsummer at the Observatory Hill. - The war breaks.
"Elämä alkaa taas Karjalassa". Kuvaus sotilashallintoalueelta. Puolustusvoimien katsaus 42 ["Life Begins in Karelia Again". An Account from the Military Command District. Finnish Defence Forces Newsreel 42]. FI 1942. D: Björn Soldan. ED: Heikki Aho. M: Jussi Blomstedt. Commentary read by Kaarlo Marjanen. 19 min. - Devastation in Karelia: ruins, refugees, reconstruction. Noble music, a calm tone in the commentary.
Lappi rakentaa 1-3 [The Reconstruction of Lapland 1-3]. FI 1946. Maatalousministeriö / Asutusasiain osasto; Lapin Maakuntaliitto. PC: Aho & Soldan. M: selections from Jean Sibelius. Featuring Kaarlo Hillilä, Emil Luokka, Veikko Vennamo, Alvar Aalto. 21 min. - Devastation in Lapland. The retreating Wehrmacht burned and destroyed everything they could in the Lapland War that started in September 1944. - Ruins. -  Roads, railways, and railway stations destroyed, mines everywhere. - The faces of children. - 90.000 people had been evacuated, 48.000 into Sweden. Reconstruction is much more difficult. - Life below the hunger limit. - Alvar Aalto plans the new Rovaniemi. - Veikko Vennamo on settlement. - Dams and power plants need to be re-built. - This film was for me the discovery of this programme, an important Finnish entry to the Germania anno zero theme.
Kaikkien aikojen vappu [The All-Time First of May]. FI 1946. PC: Aho & Soldan. SC and reader of his commentary: Arijoutsi. 8 min. - Incorporating vintage Oscar Lindelöf footage, reportedly from 1917, 1913, and 1906 (ending with the oldest images of great partying).

An excellent and deeply moving programme of great historical value.

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