Friday, January 22, 2010

Just One Kiss - The Fall of Ned Kelly (Film Concert)

Just One Kiss - The Fall of Ned Kelly. An expansive cinema work by Sami van Ingen. FI 2009. PC: Jinx Oy. P+D+SC+ED: Sami van Ingen. A meta-film based on The Story of the Kelly Gang (John Tait, Nevin Tait, AU 1906). Thanks: National Film and Sound Archive (Canberra). 35 mm. 47+ min. Film Concert at Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 22 Jan 2010 (Finnish premiere)

The new experimental feature film by Sami van Ingen has already been shown in Canada (Victoria, Toronto), Belgium (Mechelen), and Edinburgh. Each time the music has been different.

In Helsinki, we heard Nieminen & Litmanen. Sami Nieminen and Juha Litmanen played on a Hammond organ (1953 vintage) and a drum kit.

Just One Kiss is Sami van Ingen's experimental reconstruction of the first feature length narrative film, The Story of the Kelly Gang, co-directed by the Australian brothers John Tait and Nevin Tait in 1906. The film is lost, and based on the very short surviving fragments and the synopsis Sami van Ingen has constructed a playful meta-text replacing the missing film with found footage.

Nieminen & Litmanen responded to the film with their live performance of groove, lounge, jazz, and soul music. A joyful experience.

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